Here are our most-read posts from the week:

Organized Complexity

Charles Marohn, May 5, 2016

Jane Jacobs traveled more intellectual distance in a book than most of us do in a lifetime. If you really want to heed her advice, start thinking. And then keep thinking until it hurts.

One House at a Time on St. Paul's East Side

Daniel Herriges, May 2, 2016

One historic home at a time, St. Paul, MN is demonstrating how a critical mass of Strong Citizens can be an incredible asset to a troubled area, and how local government can play a constructive role in the incremental revitalization of such an area.

Jane Jacobs, an urban ecologist

Seth Zeren, May 6, 2016

Cities are complex ecosystems. For areas in need of redevelopment, the only way to return to a healthy urban fabric is incrementally, a few small projects a year until the neighborhood has buildings of every age and condition, suitable for adaptation to the particular needs of some future time.

Who Plans? Jane Jacobs' Hayekian Critique of Urban Planning

Nolan Gray, May 4, 2016

For all the love Jane Jacobs has received from urban planners and policymakers since her first book was published, her greatest theoretical innovation seems to be largely disregarded.

The Urban Planner's Oath

Strong Towns, May 4, 2016

In honor of Jane Jacobs week, we are seeking to fill an intellectual void by providing an oath for urban planners.

(Top photo by Andrew Price)