We're not the only ones spreading this message

Over the last several years, we've watched the profile of Strong Towns grow exponentially. Thanks to increases in member support, we've been able to devote more resources to reaching new audiences and seeding the Strong Towns message across the country. 

We're proud to say that nearly every day (an average of 26 times per month), Strong Towns is mentioned in the media. It could be in a local newspaper article, on a popular urbanist website, or in a nationally-read magazine. All these mentions add up to more readers discovering our movement, visiting our website and learning how to build Strong Towns in their communities.

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One feature we're particularly proud of was our inclusion on Planetizen's Top 10 Websites of 2015. They wrote:

Mainstream media outlets have noticed, as have we at Planetizen, how successful Charles Marohn has become at spreading the gospel of Strong Towns. Strong Towns is one of the few essential reads focused on planning, offering unwavering excellence in advocacy, reportage, and rhetoric. Not to mention that the annual #BlackFridayParking event is a model of online engagement. If you’re looking for a gold standard of presenting and supporting ideas about how to improve the built environment: Strong Towns is it.

Other top media mentions so far in 2016 include: City Lab (several times), the Harvard Business Review, Slate, Wired, Gizmodo, and Fortune magazine.

A Sampling of Strong Towns Headlines from 2016

(Graphic by Strong Towns member and contributor, Matthias Leyrer)

(Graphic by Strong Towns member and contributor, Matthias Leyrer)

Without the support of our members, who help to spread the Strong Towns message through their work, social media feeds and financial contributions, we would not be reaching the audiences that we have connected with this year.

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