Strong Towns Members Explain Why They Joined the Movement

Our members are passionate about building strong towns.

I support Strong Towns because it gives me a way to understand why an area [like my downtown] is so important for the future of my city...

Join me in supporting Strong Towns as we look for a way to grow our cities in a financially sustainable manner.
— Tim Wright, Strong Towns member from Shreveport, LA

I think we’ve squandered a lot of resources in support of moving cars rather than connecting people and we need to stop doing this...

I shifted from being a reader/listener of Strong Towns to being a member because I think it’s a good investment in our future.
— Bridget Brown, Strong Towns member from La Crosse, WI

Being a member of Strong Towns puts me into a conversation where we can talk about cities and what they’re becoming. Join the conversation. Become a member of Strong Towns today.
— Bruce Nesmith, Strong Towns member and blogger from Cedar Rapids, IA

Thanks to these members --and others like them -- for stepping up and helping to build Strong Towns.