Strong Towns Message is Changing the Conversation

Recent results from a survey during Strong Towns' events on the Minnesota Iron Range show how the Strong Towns message is changing the minds of people in that community and moving the conversation in a new direction.

As part of a series of public events on the Iron Range, participants were surveyed before and after each Curbside Chat presentation about their thoughts on the economic future of the Iron Range, federal and state assistance, infrastructure spending, and local business growth.  The results were very positive. 

Perhaps most striking were the responses to the statement, "Building new infrastructure is critical to the success of my town." Before the presentation, the average person answered firmly "Agree," but after the presentation, answers fell solidly on the "Disagree" side. The Strong Towns message of small bets, bottom-up action and financial solvency is clearly making inroads here.

See the results of the before and after surveys below:

We'll continue to follow-up with this community to see what sort of impact the Strong Towns message is making over the long term.

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