This week, we're inviting you to join a group of pretty incredible people: Strong Towns members around the world. Become a member of Strong Towns today and you too can be a part of this movement for change that we are building together. It's a ride we don't think you're going to want to miss out on.

Photo from my first member meet-up in Madison, WI

Photo from my first member meet-up in Madison, WI

I started working at Strong Towns before I had ever had the chance to attend a Curbside Chat. I'd been a member for a while when I applied for the job, but it wasn't until a few months into my time here that I was able to actually see a Strong Towns presentation and join a member meet-up afterward.

What I encountered blew me away: Here was a gathering of 20+ folks from my home state who cared just as much about the Strong Towns message as I did, and they were acting on it in their jobs, their neighborhoods and their daily lives. 

I met Beth Gehred who was about to run for city council on a Strong Towns platform.

I met Hans Noeldner, an avid cyclist who encourages everyone he meets to try walking to the grocery store in order to understand the challenges of walkability in their towns.

I met Jessica Cohodes, who has organized people in her city to build hundreds of community gardens and promotes local resilience through food.

Our members are truly inspiring people. I learn from them every day--whether it's a story they write (we run member posts every week on our site), an idea they share with me (feel free to email if you've got one), or a new project they're taking on in their neighborhoods--I'm proud to work with a group of people who is committed to building more financially strong and resilient towns.

This week, we're inviting you to join them. Don't miss out on the momentum that we're building. Become a member of Strong Towns.

And after you join, you'll get an invite to our member meet-ups whenever we're in your area so you can get to know some of the kickass people who call themselves members of Strong Towns.