#MembersMatter Week Thank-You!

We asked, you delivered!

One thing I love about working for Strong Towns is the amazing support of our members. On Monday, we asked our members to help spread the word about Strong Towns and our #MembersMatter campaign, and you delivered!  

While we received more support than we can list here, l wanted to share a few examples of the type of messages that were shared on Twitter.

Some were straight-forward:

And others were heartfelt:

Similar messages of support were also shared on Facebook.  We loved them all! 

Your messages worked!

Thanks to people sharing our message far and wide, we had dozens of new members join our movement this week. Here are a few people who joined or renewed their membership in our movement this week:

New Members

Kara Polyner, Tigran Asriyan, David Welton, Jonathan Coppage, Brad Belo, Clark Martinson, Guy Giersch, Grant Corley, Colton Powell, Mark Ronnei, Brent Sweger, Brian Byrd, Nicholas Hutchison, Richard Smith, Timothy Bihl, Irene Allen, Sam Scoppettone, James Bell, Bill Talkington, John Sanphillippo, Robert Oakes, Mark Cooper, Brett Mellington, Maria Elisa Mercer, John Schroeder, Kathryn S. Downing, Kathryn Holwadel, Maureen Mueller, Paula Ryan, Spero Construction, LLC., Paul Crabtree, Marc Pfeiffer, Travis Brown, Bob Close, Susan Lyon, Justin Wallace, Thomas Legg, Benjamin Guthrie, Frank Buddingh, Michael Andrews, Matthew Thompson, Billy Parrish, Paul Ivey, Maida Zederayko, Josh Garrett, Michael Hellein, Aron Shelton, Michael Fuhrman, Michael Huston, Julie Legg, Jessica Schmitt, Jim Rokakis, Andrew Mutch, Gene Wixson, Ken Firestone, Daniel Davis, James Roberts, MIchael Stark.

Renewing Members

Brian Silcott, Mathew Siscoe, John Paul Shaffer, Alex Pline, Jeffrey Taebel, Daniel Hintz, Michael Stralka, Andrew Obernesser, Christopher Carrigan, Denise Zurn, Catherine Antunes, Matt Ludwig, Wanda Mouzon, Maura Gast, Leslie Lamuro, Christopher Lesniewski-Laas, Gregory Crowder, Wilfred Bussing, Nigel Herbig, Brian Hann, Courtney Neifert, Tony Tramel.

You are all awesome.

Thank-you to all of you—and of our other members and donors—for making Strong Towns possible. #MembersMatter

If you haven’t signing up yet, it's never too late. Head on over join this amazing group of people today.