You're Invited to Write for Strong Towns

Starting July 18, we're running a week of content focused on Big Box stores. We've got a variety of interviews and stories planned, but we wanted to include your voices too. You're invited to submit a written answer to the following question(s):

1. Is it possible and/or worthwhile to retrofit suburbia, or would we be better off abandoning underused suburban spaces?

2. How might we go about retrofitting big box stores for future use?


  • Please keep your submissions under 1200 words. 
  • Please include a short (1-3 sentence) bio with your submission, and a photo of yourself if you'd like.
  • If you have copyright-free (or your own) photographs that you think would fit with the piece, please send those too.
  • Send all submissions (and any questions) in a Google or Word doc or in the body of an email to
  • Essays are due Thursday, July 14.

We look forward to including some of these selections in our Big Box stores week.

Note: You don't need to be a Strong Towns member to submit, but member submissions will receive priority.

(Top photo by Ildar Sagdegev)