Antifragile Book Club Update

This Spring, we started a book club to explore Nassim Taleb's book Antifragile from a Strong Towns perspective. We invited all of our members to participate and many of you did.

This month, we'll continue our conversation about the next segment of Antifragile through a series of Slack chats. 

Reading Assignment: Book 2, Chapters 5 through 8

Due Date: July 11

Next week, we'll share a series of questions that Antifragile book club participants are invited to respond to in written format. We'll publish a selection of these on our website.

Then on July 11, we'll begin a week-long series of Slack chats on each chapter. We'll provide a specific schedule as we get closer to that week, but we'll stagger them so everyone should have at least one chance to participate live. The conversations will, of course, be archived there for later viewing.

To reiterate: The goals for any book club should be to (1) read something you otherwise might not read, (2) learn from others going through the same experience, and then (3) have fun. I'll add a fourth for us which is to develop a deeper understanding of how the concept of antifragile can help us build stronger places. Thank you to everyone who has participated thusfar. We've had some excellent discussions. 

If you want to join us, it's not too late. Get a copy of Antifragile and then sign upThis opportunity is only open to Strong Towns members, so please become a member and participate in the movement! 

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