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Pyramid Data

by Charles Marohn, July 4

Sometimes the best thing that can come from a project is to have it be a warning beacon for others.

The Fourth Virtue of Public Transit

by Daniel Kay Hertz, July 5

Public transit is environmentally-friendly, affordable and helpful for economic development. But there's a fourth virtue of public transit: it saves space.

Bike Lanes: Good or Bad for Business?

by Rachel Quednau, July 6

The incremental, low-cost, block by block method with which bike lanes are being installed means that we can continue to test and discover their values (or drawbacks) in our towns.

Treasuring Places of Character

by Justin Golbabai, July 7

What would it take to keep us in the place where we grew up? Or if we do move, what characteristics of a place would lead us to decide to settle in?

The Next Baby Boom: Affordable Urban Lifestyles for Millennials with Children

by Jennifer Griffin, July 1

Tulsa – a highly conservative, slow-to-change, oil-and-gas-dominated city – is one of the most unlikely suspects to attract young, urban, well-educated, forward-thinking, entrepreneurial millennials.  Yet, once we moved there, that’s exactly what we found.

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