How do your children get to school?

An important, but often underrated aspect of our towns is how our children travel to and from school. Strong towns—and strong schools—should have schools that are safely accessible for children to travel to.

To help highlight this important part of our children's school day, we invite you to share photographs of your children's trip to school with the hashtag #SchoolCommute. This can include walking, cycling, busing, carpooling, dropping off, or any other method that your children use to get to school.   

We also want to see routes that could be improved. If your children are unable to walk or bike to school because the school is on a busy stroad, or on the edge of town, let us know, along with a suggestion of how you think the route could be improved.

If you are uncomfortable sharing pictures of your children on social media, you can sharing photos of you instead of the kids, of their feet or backs, or, or just of the street they’re traveling on.

How To Participate

  1. Between September 12 and 16 take pictures of your children’s commute to school.  
  2. Upload your photos to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #SchoolCommute.
  3. Include a brief description of the trip, such as distance, travel mode, and any observations about the route.
  4. Tell your friends about this event via social media. Share a link to our Strong Schools page so they can learn more.
  5. Visit our website on Friday, September 15 to view the top photos from across the country.

(Top photo by Jim Larrison on Flickr)