An Interview with Steven Shultis on Urban Schools

Instead of listening to what people were saying about the school, we just got involved. And what we found was that the girls enjoyed it, they were achieving incredible amounts of success... The schools were just responding to our needs.
— Steven Shultis

Steven Shultis is a long-time member of Strong Towns and a strong advocate for urban public education, having raised his own children in the inner city of Springfield, MA. In this interview, he shares his perspective on raising a family in a walkable neighborhood and choosing to send his kids to an urban school.

You can find more from Steven Shultis on life in a traditional urban neighborhood and urban education on his blog, Rational Urbanism and catch his interviews and essays on Strong Towns too.

Listen to the Podcast:

Steven Shultis

Steven Shultis

Want more? Here's Steven's guide to getting the most out of urban public schools. And here's a follow-up podcast recorded with Steven, September 2016.

This podcast with Steven Shultis (interviewed by Chuck Marohn) was published in 2015 and we're bringing it back because it's highly relevant to this week's topic of Education and Schools. It's also one of the best podcasts we've ever done.