Why urban schools aren't as bad as you think

The data shows that your child is likely to achieve whatever academic success they’re going to achieve, whether they attend a school where the other students achieve at low levels, medium levels or high levels... It’s not a case where a student who otherwise would’ve gone to Harvard ends up dropping out of school and becoming a drug runner.
— Steven Shultis

Steven Shultis is a long-time member of Strong Towns and a strong advocate for urban public education, having raised his own children in the inner city of Springfield, MA. In this follow-up to his 2015 podcast interview, he shares his perspective on raising a family in a walkable neighborhood and choosing to send his kids to an urban school.

You can find more from Steven Shultis on life in a traditional urban neighborhood and urban education on his blog, Rational Urbanism, and catch his interviews and essays on Strong Towns too.

Want to read more? Here's Steven's guide to getting the most out of urban public schools

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(Top photo by Ryan Tause)

Steven Shultis

Steven Shultis