A Small Business Owner who's Working to Make his Town Stronger

I’m a citizen. This is something I want to happen in our community—I think it’s important. So I want to be at the table for it.
— Jonathan Holth

Jonathan Holth is a Strong Towns member from Grand Forks, ND. He's a restaurant owner, he's on the board of the downtown business association, he's an active citizen and he's a father of three girls. In this interview with Chuck Marohn, Jonathan discusses his work and vision for a better downtown Grand Forks, as well as his perspective as a small business owner and a parent, working to incrementally build a Strong Town. Jon and Chuck talk about local businesses, parking issues, housing and making change in polite, conservative Midwestern towns.

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Jonathan and two of his daughters  (Photo from Facebook)

Jonathan and two of his daughters (Photo from Facebook)