Top Stories This Week (Jan. 9-13, 2017)

This was one of our highest traffic weeks ever at Strong Towns. Here's what grabbed the internet's attention:

The Real Reason your City has no Money

by Charles Marohn, January 10, 2017

Problems have solutions. Predicaments have outcomes. We're in a predicament.

Poor Neighborhoods Make the Best Investments

by Charles Marohn, January 11, 2017

We can make low risk, high returning investments in our cities while improving the quality of life for people, particularly those who are not benefiting from the current approach.

A Utah Republican Might Have the Best Urban Transportation Plan

by Charles Marohn, January 9, 2017

Devolution isn't so scary when the alternative is this crazy.

A Big Pot of Money

by Charles Marohn, January 6, 2017

Would a big pot of money for infrastructure make America stronger?

Five Low Cost Ideas to Make Your City Wealthier

by Charles Marohn, January 4, 2017

Improving a city doesn't take a lot of money. It just takes courage.

(Top photo by Johnny Sanphillippo)

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