Top 5 Articles This Week (October 16-20, 2017)

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One Million Strong

by Charles Marohn | October 16, 2017

Some thoughts on being named one of the 100 Most Influential Urbanists. 

What Happens if the Delivery Trucks Don't Come?

by Justin Golbabai | October 18, 2017

Like a cavity that starts at the enamel and eventually hollows out a whole tooth, so too has the larger economy been hollowing out the local capability to be self-reliant.

Is it better to build a Strong Town from scratch?

by Kea Wilson | October 18, 2017

An intentional, incrementally built village blossoms in northern Missouri. Strong Towns advocates can learn a lot from its example.

Why I'm Leaving my Small Southern Town

by Bo Wright | October 18, 2017

I'm leaving my small southern town for a mid-sized Rust Belt City. Here's why that decision makes sense.

10 Rules for Cities Thinking about Automated Vehicles

by Jeff Speck | October 19, 2017

Traditional urbanism evolved over millennia to meet human needs. The adoption of AVs should not be allowed to replace time-tested places with something that would probably make our lives worse.

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(Top photo source: Daiga Ellaby)

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