Our members are making an impact across the continent.

This year, we've been floored to hear from hundreds of Strong Towns members who are taking action to make their communities better as a result of their exposure to our mission and principles.

In fact, here's a map that gives you just a snapshot of some of the places where our members are making a difference. (The orange pins will link you to extended stories featured on our site while the blue pins indicate locations where one or more actions have taken place.) 

Even in this small snapshot (we surveyed 116 of our members), we can see Strong Towns-related actions happening in over 30 states. That is truly an amazing impact! Especially for an organization operating on a tiny budget with only a handful of staff. It really gives you an idea of the enormous role our members are playing and the initiative they're taking.

We are a deeply member-driven movement. If you're inspired by this work and count yourself among those people who are working to build strong towns, it's time to make that official by becoming a member today.

Now I'd like to highlight just a few specific ways that we've seen our members working to build strong towns this year:

trafficcalming3 copy.jpg

1. Building safer streets.

This year, we saw tons of Strong Towns members taking action to make the streets in their neighborhoods safer as part of our #SlowtheCars campaign:


2. Creating strong communities.

In response to Strong Towns events, we've watched communities focus on the small steps they can take to make their neighborhoods more prosperous and vibrant:

highway traffic.jpg

3. Fighting road expansion.

All year long, Strong Towns members have been active in the fight against wasteful, dangerous highway expansion as part of our #NoNewRoads campaign:

IMG_3308 copy.jpg

4. Taking the lead.

Strong Towns members are stepping up as leaders in their communities in a myriad of ways:

Join the movement that is shaping a better world — from the ground up. Become a member of Strong Towns today. It's time.