Who doesn't want to be a Strong Town?

The next morning on social media, I saw conversation from people who’d been at the [Strong Towns] presentation, and I saw the far right conservative folks and more liberal environmental folks and they were all chatting on there. And they were all agreeing with the message... I mean, who doesn’t want to be a strong town, right?
— Christian Wagley, Pensacola, FL

CivicCon is a year-long series of civic dialogues focused on making Pensacola, Florida a stronger, more successful community. This Fall, Strong Towns was invited to speak at the CivicCon kick-off. It would not be an understatement to say that we kinda brought down the house. 

After the event, two Pensacola residents, Rick Outzen and Christian Wagley, chatted about their reaction to Strong Towns at CivicCon and we were blown away by their response. So we put together a short video with their comments, plus images from several of our recent events. 

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Thanks to Riley Nelsen for creating this video.

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