We've heard your requests and, at long last, we have a Strong Towns t-shirt! This perfect way to show your Strong Towns pride is available for purchase starting today. Head over to our merchandise page or click below to check out the options and get yours.

You can buy a t-shirt on its own or, if you want to really show your investment in this movement, grab a t-shirt plus a Strong Towns membership. 

Additionally, Strong Towns members receive a discount for 25% off of t-shirt price. Members, check your email for the discount code, or contact team@strongtowns.org for assistance. 

100% of profits from your purchase of Strong Towns merchandise supports our mission of making the communities we love strong and financially resilient.  See all our Strong Towns merchandise here.

Note: Make sure to place your t-shirt order by November 30 if you want to be sure that it will arrive by Christmas.