Top Stories from the Week (Nov. 27 - Dec. 1, 2017)

Here's what was most popular at Strong Towns this week:

How much is your local Target worth?

by Rachel Quednau | November 29, 2017

A Strong Towns member used tax data to figure out how much his local Target was actually contributing to his community.

The Paradox of Persistent Vacancies and High Prices

by Chuck Marohn | November 27, 2017

The crazy distortions we see in housing and real estate won't be solved by centralized interventions, be they corporate or government. Only at the local level do we have the nuance to start creating something that works.

A Town Well Planned: Universal Form Codes

by Alexander Dukes | November 30, 2017

A basic universal code can help us create productive, economically successful developments while allowing for maximum flexibility for developers, business owners and residents.

Got Errands? Grab Your Bike and Go!

by Sarah Kobos | November 29, 2017

Take a moment to stop and think: Do I really need to drive? Could I bike there instead?

How do Neighborhoods Become Strong?

by Elias Crim | November 28, 2017

In Valparaiso, Indiana, a so-called "bad" neighborhood is changing, and its residents are coming together to help direct that change.

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(Top photo source: Osman Rana)

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