Strong Towns Podcast Named #1 Urban Planning Podcast by Streets.MN

We've long been fans of the Minnesota-based land use and transportation website, Streets.MN. Many of our members write for the site and we appreciate Street.MN's intelligent coverage of issues that impact, not just Minnesota, but cities across the nation. That's why we were deeply honored to see that they named the Strong Towns Podcast #1 in their list of Top 7 Urban Planning Podcasts. Here's what Zach Ellsworth at Streets.MN writes of our podcast:

Sometimes a podcast transcends the level of mere punditry and lecture and becomes something more, like the vanguard of an entire movement. Strong Towns is such a podcast.

The podcast’s founder and host, Chuck Marohn, with his affable demeanor and noticeably Minnesotan tones, has been meticulously laying out his many urban planning theories for many years now. And he’s built quite a following, including the city officials of the many towns and cities that have invited him to speak.

This is definitely the podcast to keep an eye (or ear) on, especially as more and more cities reach the end of what Chuck calls the “growth Ponzi scheme”. Chuck is a Minnesota native and resident and it’s an added bonus that he talks often about issues here.

Be sure to check out the whole list which includes the KunstlerCast and TalkingHeadways, to name a few. We're in good company here.

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