Strong Towns featured on CNBC

Strong Towns was honored to be mentioned in a recent CNBC article on the president's $1 trillion infrastructure plan. The article's author, Jake Novak, predicts that this plan will fall seriously short on its three goals: "boosting the economy, improving our network of roads, bridges, and airports, and building a virtual bridge to the Democrats."

Novak uses key arguments from Strong Towns to make his point. He writes:

One of the nation's most outstanding urban planners and founder of the Strong Towns movement, Charles Marohn, has become the leading spokesman for explaining the dangers big federal infrastructure projects present for our infrastructure.

In an article published earlier this year, Marohn explained how these federal projects fail because they create infrastructure that comes with long term costs local states and cities can't afford, they focus on "fixing" infrastructure that has already proved immune to fixing by previous spending efforts; they target new construction over maintaining the infrastructure we already know is essential; and big federal projects lead local governments to surrender their superior ability to identify the projects their communities really need.

We're glad to see that major news sources are tuning into the Strong Towns message.

Read the full article here, and if you'd like to learn more about Strong Towns' perspective on infrastructure spending, visit our Infrastructure Crisis page.

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