Strong Towns on the Tropical MBA Podcast

Strong Towns was recently honored to be featured on the Tropical MBA Podcast, which is dedicated to "the growing movement of location independent entrepreneurs worldwide." The podcast hosts, Dan and Ian, kicked off the show with this introduction:

The reason why we had Chuck on the show and why this is interesting to us is because, as location independent people—as people that can choose to live pretty much anywhere we want— we take great time and effort to understand the places that we want to live and invest there. [... Chuck] gives us a deeper understanding of some of the things that are going on below the surface: why cities might not be doing so well financially, but also why cities are thriving...

Check out the full podcast here.

We've said it about writer and financial badass, Mr. Money Mustache, and we'll say it about Tropical MBA too: While we may focus our time on different topics, these guys have the same creative, paradigm-busting perspective about entrepreneurship that we have on city-building. 

Check out the Tropical MBA podcast and blog for more.

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