A Radically New Vision for Transportation in America

The 2017 Strong Towns Summit was almost two months ago, but we're still feeling energized and excited by all the ideas that were discussed in Tulsa. We recorded several videos during the Summit that give you a chance to experience or re-live the event, learning about topics like how to stop expensive and wasteful transportation projects, how to conduct tactical urbanism demonstrations in your neighborhood, and how to do the math on proposed development in your town.

The Summit kicked off with a presentation by Chuck Marohn, president of Strong Towns. In just 37 minutes, he summarizes the main problems with the current American transportation funding and development model, and explains how a better way forward is not only possible, but affordable and feasible for towns big and small.

As Chuck states in the beginning:

We need to have a radically different conversation about how we do transportation in this country... And not a conversation about How do we get a little bit more money to do things a little differently? Not a conversation about How do we deploy resources in a slightly different way? But a radically new vision for how we actually deploy our limited capital—the money we have, the resources we have, the skills we have...to make our cities stronger, make our families better, and make our communities more prosperous.

In this video, Chuck will tell you how we can begin to do that in our own towns.

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