Podcast: America After the Auto Bubble

We’ve created a transportation and land use situation in this country where many folks feel the need to own a vehicle in order to be able to participate in daily economic life... When those [are] people who really, legitimately can’t afford to own a car, then you have this sort of ping-pong effect where you get the subprime market going to provide access to something that people very desperately need.
— Tony Dutzik

In this podcast, Chuck Marohn interviews Tony Dutzik, Senior Policy Analyst for Frontier Group and Strong Towns member about his recent article, "What Comes After the Auto Bubble?" Chuck and Tony discuss the relationship between easy access to lending and car ownership increases, and its overlaps with the housing bubble and crash. They also discuss the impact of car-reliance on poor families and our economy as a whole.

Listen to the Podcast:

Tony Dutzik

Tony Dutzik

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