Top Stories This Week (June 12-16, 2017)

What were Strong Towns fans reading this week? Check it out. 

Revisiting: What's the matter with Portland? 

by Charles Marohn | June 12, 2017

Questioning 4 common arguments about why housing is unaffordable in Portland.

The Power of Growing Incrementally

by Charles Marohn | June 12, 2017

It is incrementally rising land values, combined with the ability to redevelop to something more intense, that naturally prompts the redevelopment of property in decline. Take away one of those two factors and redevelopment breaks down.

Learning from a non-conforming neighborhood

by Nolan Gray | June 13, 2017

Forget about the superstar neighborhoods—even most run-of-the-mill inner suburban neighborhoods would be next to impossible to build today.

The Little House: A story of incrementalism

by Charles Marohn | June 13, 2017

It's the incremental nature of both the private and the public investments that made traditional cities strong, resilient and financially productive.

Historic preservation: Nimbyism for the Rich? 

by Joe Cortright | June 14, 2017

Is historic preservation just thinly veiled NIMBYism?

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