We believe that the change we seek will occur when a million Americans care enough to share our message with others.
— Strong Towns Strategic Plan

That quote comes from our strategic plan, and it’s important to say why. We don’t think that more people sharing our message as a worthy end goal in and of itself– far from it. It’s that we know that every time our message is shared, the changes we strive for come with it.

As a recent survey of our members made clear, this movement isn’t sitting idly by as they read our content. Instead, they’re opening dialogues. They’re petitioning their city councils. They’re bringing new skills to their workplaces. They’re holding meetings, making plans and taking action. They’re fighting from the front lines, not the sidelines.

Infographic generously created by Strong Towns member Andrew Costaris.     

Infographic generously created by Strong Towns member Andrew Costaris.


But those are just the stats.  In their written responses to our survey, the members of our movement had even more to say about how Strong Towns helps them shape their worlds--and they’re doing it in all kinds of ways.

Strong Towns members are SPEAKING UP:

Strong Towns inspired me to more confidently speak up about the responsibility that we should bear in changing America’s future.
— Jesse Morrow of Boston, MA


Strong Towns inspired me to design and advocate for the construction of a new downtown public market that combines an emphasis on the local economy with infill development.”
— Ryan Terry of Bryan, TX


Strong Towns has given me the knowledge and data to engage in conversation regarding the fiscal health of our communities.
— Jared Bramblett of Charleston, SC.


Strong Towns inspired me to apply for a position on my city’s Planning Commission.
— Paul Fritz of Sebastopol, CA

And they are doing it EVERYWHERE. In a survey of 116 members, an astonishing 70 people reported taking actions in their city that were inspired by Strong Towns. And this is just from a small sample of our members – we know we’ve got so many more more helping to build this movement.

Orange pins denote extended stories and include links in the description. Blue pins are member-reported actions.

From Bothell, Washington to Bryan, Texas to Blacksburg, Virginia; from Los Angeles to Kansas City to New York, Strong Towns action is on the map. From rural to urban and everything in between, Strong Towns members are fighting every day to build better places.

Now, we need to keep pushing, keep fighting, and keep doing all we can to build a movement of a million people. Right now, we’re gadflies at local planning meetings, we’re late-night guerrilla bike activists, and we’re tenacious citizens who care. With your support and your action, we can become city council majorities, we can build cities that make sense, and we can repurpose every last stroad.

So please keep sharing the Strong Towns message. Please keep fighting for what you believe in. Please become a Strong Towns member today. And please keep doing what you can to build strong towns.