Chuck Marohn on the Disruptive Conversations Podcast

Chuck Marohn was recently featured in a two-part podcast interview with Keita Demming, who hosts the Disruptive Conversations podcast. The first half of the discussion focuses on the beginning of the Strong Towns movement and insights Chuck has gained along the way. Some key questions explored include:

  • How do you become someone who has fewer answers and more questions?
  • How do we acknowledge that everyone has imperfections?
  • How do we learn to use a shared relationship approach to building cities?

In Part II, Chuck and Keita dive deeper into the growth and big goals of the Strong Towns movement, and how average citizens can help build strong towns.

Listen to Part I and Part II of this Disruptive Conversations episode with Chuck Marohn. Then check out the rest of the Disruptive Conversations interviews. There are some really fascinating folks included in this series.

Thanks to Keita Demming for featuring Chuck on his podcast! We'll be inviting Keita onto the Strong Towns podcast very soon as well.

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