Top Stories from the Week (August 21-25, 2017)

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A Spirit of Generosity

by Charles Marohn | August 21, 2017

By talking to each other, by listening, and by interpreting the words and actions of others with a spirit of generosity, we can overcome the feeling of helplessness we have in these times.

The Clemens House Paradox: When Development Dollars Speed Neighborhood Decline

by Kea Wilson | August 23, 2017

A big developer bought up tons of historic properties in St. Louis. Now he's letting them crumble and burn.

What Dallas, Houston, Louisville & Rochester Can Teach us About Widening Freeways: Don't!

by Joe Cortright | August 24, 2017

Portland is thinking about widening freeways; other cities show that doesn’t work.

Beware the Four-Letter Words of Vibrant Downtowns

by Max Azzarello | August 24, 2017

Cities like Los Angeles, Houston, and West Palm Beach are leveraging their most valuable assets — downtown spaces — to create cookie-cutter, quasi-private developments.

This new suburban place has some lessons for old suburban places.

by Dan Reed | August 23, 2017

Montgomery County, MD is trying to build a new kind of suburb. It hasn't totally worked but there are lessons to be learned nonetheless.

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