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Houston isn't flooded because of its land use planning.

by Daniel Herriges | August 30, 2017

These 5 harmful myths about Houston's land use planning need to be put to rest.

Why I Never Moved to Portland

by Sarah Kobos | August 28, 2017

My plan was always to leave Oklahoma for lovely, liberal Portland. It didn’t work out that way, but I got something much better by hanging around.

College Town and the Money Island

by Arian Horbovetz | August 29, 2017

Many towns seem to be under the false impression that if you back a dump truck of development money into an area that is not ready for it, it will instantly lift the neighborhood.

Piling on Houston

by Charles Marohn | August 31, 2017

Anyone suggesting that more wetlands or more pervious surfaces would have done anything to mitigate what has happened in Houston is lacking a proper sense of scale.

Autism, PTSD and the City

by Charles Marohn | August 28, 2017

Advancements in cognitive science are challenging how we think about urban design.

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(Top photo source: Pana Vasquez)

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