A Q&A with Chuck Marohn

Today we're bringing you a video from a Strong Towns event earlier this year in Calgary, Alberta at the Building Resilience - National Urban Planning Conference. This is the Q&A following a presentation on Strong Communities by Chuck Marohn.

You can watch Part I and Part II of the original presentation, but we wanted to especially highlight the question and answer portion because the questions raised are insightful and invite a valuable discussion on how to build strong towns, particularly from a planning perspective. Some key questions include: 

  • What's the best way to approach the political establishment with a Strong Towns message?
  • As we make improvements to urban cores, how can we reinvest in these communities without pushing low income people out?
  • Upzoning is one way to encourage broader uses in a neighborhood, but you have concerns about that. Why? Can you explain those?

You can find all our videos on YouTube.

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