Podcast: Approaching a Divided America with Open Eyes

What I was seeing was a lot more frustration—a lot more dignity as well, a lot more community in places that people said were wastelands... And I started documenting those.
— Chris Arnade

Chuck Marohn interviews Chris Arnade, who writes for the Guardian, has a PhD in particle physics from Johns Hopkins and previously worked as a bond trader in New York City. Arnade has spent the last several years documenting addiction and poverty in towns across America. 

In this interview, he discusses why walking in neighborhoods that he was told not to visit in New York led him away from trading and toward his current role as a writer. He talks about a life getting to know people on the margins of society—people living in poverty and dealing with addiction—and the struggles of small towns in America.

You can find Chris Arnade writing and sharing photos often on Medium.

Listen to the podcast:

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