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5 Stories Proving Manufactured Downtowns are a Big Mistake

by Rachel Quednau | September 5, 2017

Plus one story that will inspire you to build something better.

The Real Lesson of Hurricane Harvey

by Charles Marohn | September 5, 2017

For extreme events, we can't measure risk, but we can measure fragility. Cities that want to protect themselves from extreme events need to become less fragile. They need to adopt a Strong Towns approach.

Who gets to decide how a neighborhood is redeveloped?

by Nate Hood | September 6, 2017

A new redevelopment plan for an empty site in St. Paul, MN has pitted neighbors against neighbors, and blurred the lines of typical narratives that explain opposition to urban development.

Blame the Road Design, not the Phone.

by Rachel Quednau | September 6, 2017

WPVI-TV Philadelphia reports that a "girl chatting on FaceTime [was] struck and critically injured by [a] car in Abington." The real culprit is the road design, not her phone.

Can a bike-friendly city be disability-friendly, too?

by Kea Wilson | September 7, 2017

Transportation options are not a zero sum game. Better bike access might actually make life easier for people with disabilities. 

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