Top 5 Stories from the Week (Oct 15–Oct 19, 2018)

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1. Hilton Hotels' Efficiency Tradeoff

by Charles Marohn | October 15, 2018

Hilton Hotels sacrifices their customers in the name of efficiency. There is a lesson there for your city about the tradeoffs of efficiency.

2. The Difference Between Mobility and Accessibility

by Daniel Herriges | October 17, 2018

When we obsess over the speed of travel—whether in our cars or on public transit—we’re missing the point of transportation. It’s not about how far you can get in a given time: it’s what you can get to.

3. 6 Strong Towns Observations From a Map of Every Building in America

by Daniel Herriges | October 16, 2018

The New York Times has released an interactive map of (nearly) every building in America. What can we learn from it about America’s suburban experiment, through the marks it has left on the landscape?

4. Actually, Let’s Not Set Aside Land Next to Rail Lines for Mansionization

by Michael Andersen | October 15, 2018

High home prices near many of Portland, Oregon’s rail stations are essentially mandatory. On most nearby lots, dividing the land into so much as a duplex would be illegal. If that’s not a recipe for luxury housing, what is?

5. Streets Aren’t the Only Thing That Connects Your City

by Mark Schweitzer | October 16, 2018

In Akron, Ohio an alternative-news monthly called The Devil Strip serves to identify, connect and inspire people throughout the community. The newspaper helps bring Akronites together to envision and shape the city’s future.

(Cover photo by Jeremy Galliani on Unsplash)