Top 5 Recent Stories (Nov 26–Dec 7, 2018)

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1. Here’s How to Build a Parking Garage

by Charles Marohn | November 26, 2018

It is backward to think of a parking ramp as a catalyst for success; it is the outcome of success. There is no shortcut to building a Strong Town, but lots of rewards for the effort.

2. Goodbye AICP?

by Charles Marohn | December 3, 2018

I don’t know why I’m an certified planner anymore. More importantly, it’s not clear to me why the world will be a better place if I am.

3. A Suburban Model For Incremental Transit Improvement

by Sylvia Menezes Roberts | November 28, 2018

How does a transit agency in a car-dominated suburban city double its bus ridership in only twelve years? Through a smart, iterative strategy of placing small bets and learning from the results.

4. Aiming for Imperfection

by Andrew Price | November 29, 2018

When we aim for perfection, imperfections will disturb us. But, when we aim for imperfection, other imperfections build character.

5. A Pedestrian Scramble Can Make An Intersection Safer for Everyone

by Rachel Quednau | November 27, 2018

In places with heavy foot traffic, an unusual type of intersection just might be the key to keeping walkers and drivers alike safer and less stressed out.

(Cover photo by Andrew Price)