How are you Slowing the Cars in your Town?

Have you been inspired to help make streets safer in your town as a result of something you read on Strong Towns? Did this article about how three different towns are slowing down cars encourage you to talk to your city council person about narrowing lanes on a busy street in your neighborhood? Did this piece about forgiving design encourage you to take a closer look at the design of your local streets? Or maybe you're an elected leader who is working to make your downtown more walkable after learning about the economic benefits it will provide...

If our encouragement to #SlowtheCars has pushed you to take any action — from starting to see things in your city differently to actively redesigning the streets in your town — we'd love to hear about!

Fill out this form to tell us about the big and small ways in which you're making streets safer in your town.

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(Top photo by Daniel Herriges)