Top 5 Stories This Week (Feb. 5-9, 2018)

Here's what topped our charts this week:

4 Qualities of a Successful Public-Private Partnership

by Charles Marohn | February 5, 2018

Most public-private partnerships are merely public handouts by a different name. Here's how to avoid that.

The Surprising Relationship Between Retail Tax and Property Tax

by Rachel Quednau | February 5, 2018

No, that mall out on the edge of town is not producing enough sales tax value to outweigh its terrible return on investment in terms of property tax value.

Forgiving Design vs. the Forgiveness of Slow Speeds

by Jon Larsen | February 6, 2018

The “safety features” built into our modern streets are often downright dangerous. It's time to use the forgiveness of slow speeds instead of forgiving design.

The True Cost of a Stroad

by Rachel Quednau | February 7, 2018

Here are 5 reasons to stop building stroads (street/road hybrids) and start building real community wealth.

We Need Complete Neighborhoods

by Andrew Price | February 7, 2018

A Complete Neighborhood is one where, outside of commuting to work or spending a night out, you can get everything you need within walking distance.

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