Introducing a New Monthly Webcast: Ask Strong Towns

Here at Strong Towns, we get messages every day from incredible people around the world. And they've got some pretty big questions for us. 

How can the Strong Towns approach help the worst block in my city? 

What's the best strategy for defeating my town's latest boondoggle project?

What does Chuck think about X? How about Y? 

They're great questions. And until now, we haven't had a great way to answer them. 

Because Strong Towns is a media organization with a tiny staff that's busy leading a national movement, our team just can't provide the in-depth, individual guidance our readers need and deserve. And even if we could, we wouldn't want to give you our advice. We'd want to give it to everyone in our movement, so we can all become better Strong Towns advocates. 

That's why we're announcing something brand new: Ask Strong Towns. 

About once a month, members of our movement can join our staff for a live webcast and ask us anything that's on your mind. We'll answer as many as we can — and if time allows, we'll answer a few pre-submitted questions from our general readership, too. 

Our first session is just around the corner. Members, check your emails for your invitation to Ask Strong Towns with Strong Towns President Chuck Marohn and Director of Community Engagement Kea Wilson on Thursday, April 5th at 12pm CST.

Anyone — members or not — can pre-submit a question over on the Ask Strong Towns page, but questions from members, live or pre-submitted, will take first priority. (And if we don't get to your question? Don't worry. You'll find lots of resources from around the Strong Towns universe here.)

Can't make the live webcast, or just want to listen in on the amazing questions Strong Towns advocates are asking? Sit tight. We'll release every episode of Ask Strong Towns for your listening pleasure on our podcast. 

Hit us with your best questions. We can't wait to start this conversation with you.