Top 5 Stories This Week (March 19-23, 2018)

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4 Reasons We Must Build Streets for People (Not Just Cars)

by Kea Wilson | March 21, 2018

If we want a city that’s financially healthy, we need to cultivate human disorder, rather than do whatever we can to minimize it.

A Naturally Bike-Friendly Town

by Bob Sharpe | March 19, 2018

My small Midwestern town is an ideal place to bike, which makes the whole community more affordable for everyone. And it's not because of protected bike lanes...

The Great Gamble

by Mark Schweitzer | March 19, 2018

Once the "Rubber Capital of the World," Akron, Ohio is rebuilding its economy to focus on small local businesses rather than risky, large-scale gambles.

Kick the Tires on your Local Zoning Code

by Sarah Kobos | March 21, 2018

These 5 steps will help you test the development potential in your town.

Dangerous Streets Often Hurt Low-Income Neighborhoods the Most

by Vianca Fuster | March 20, 2018

In the city of Milwaukee, like so many other communities, it is the poorest residents who bear the brunt of dangerous street design.

(Top photo by Johnny Sanphillippo)