Top Stories This Week (April 16-20, 2018)

Here's the most popular stories from our site this week:

1. Where did all the money go?
by Charles Marohn | April 16, 2018

There is no way to sustain a city over time without building wealth within it. That is why a Strong Towns approach is critical

2. If you're not growing, you're dying.
by Charles Marohn | April 17, 2018

But the growing simply allows you to not be dying for a little bit longer...

3. The Strong Towns movement comes to Akron
by Rachel Quednau | April 16, 2018

“When we look at Akron, we see nothing but opportunity." - Chuck Marohn

4. The Californians are coming!
by Johnny Sanphillippo | April 18, 2018

Housing options become even more scarce when the value of property is no longer tethered to the local labor market.

5. What does "mixed-income" mean for our towns?
by Austin Maitland | April 18, 2018

Government housing subsidies can't provide a permanent lasting solution to affordable housing challenges, but naturally occuring mixed income neighborhoods could.

(Top photo by Johnny Sanphillippo)