Our Top 5 Stories This Week (April 23-27, 2018)

Here's what got the most reads on our site this week:

1. The Real Reason Your Local Mall is Failing
by Charles Marohn | April 23, 2018

The closing of the mall’s anchor store exposes how fragile the community’s business model is, providing an opening to shift approach.

2. Stuck: Why Rent and Mortgage-burdened Americans Don’t Always Move to Cheaper Pastures
by Kea Wilson | April 25, 2018

It’s about so much more than just the cost of housing.

3. Why Development-Oriented Transit is Better than Transit-Oriented Development
by Rachel Quednau | April 25, 2018

Great places need a train less than a train needs a great place.

4. Gerontopoly: Homeownership, Wealth, and Age
by Joe Cortright | April 25, 2018

Is the “dream” of homeownership really just a massive, intergenerational wealth transfer?  Recently, that’s just how it has worked out.

5. Cohousing Offers Community and a Different Way to Live
by Bridget Newsham | April 23, 2018

But affordable options are few and far between.

(Top photo source: U.S. Air Force photo by Matt Bilden)