Top 5 Articles This Week (May 14-18, 2018)

Here are our top articles from the week:

1. "Urban Acupuncture" Offers Struggling Neighborhoods a Better Future
by Dan Reed | May 14, 2018

By choosing to rehab and rent the homes in the worst condition, these developers are helping low income neighborhoods find a new future.

2. 4 Simple Things Your Town can do Right Now to Make Life Easier for Small Scale Developers
by Rachel Quednau | May 16, 2018

Because it shouldn’t be this hard.

3. Multigenerational Living: The Future of Housing or a Last Resort?
by Alyssa Oursler | May 16, 2018

Multigenerational housing is on the rise. What does it mean for our families and our cities?

4. The Trouble with Housing
by John Reuter | May 15, 2018

Housing policy is a difficult puzzle because we want it to accomplish so many competing objectives simultaneously.

5. How One Local Government is Encouraging Urban Revitalization
by Harlan Spector | May 15, 2018

In Akron, Ohio, local leaders are taking steps to ensure that vacant spaces can be filled and new businesses can thrive.