Announcing the winners of our State vs. State New Member Contest

On Monday of this week's member drive, we gave you guys a challenge: Let's see which state can bring on the most new members in just 5 day. 

So many states rose mightily to that challenge! Here are the final stats for the week, with lots of ties:

  1. California
  2. Georgia & Michigan
  3. Florida & North Carolina
  4. Kansas, Minnesota & Virginia
  5. Ohio & Texas

The geographic diversity here (north, south, east and west) is completely emblematic of the Strong Towns movement as a whole. Thank you to everyone who shared Strong Towns with a friend this week and invited a neighbor to join the movement. From California to North Carolina to Ohio, we love you all.

If you haven't had a chance to become a member yet, there's still time. We're trying to change the national conversation about growth and development in North America, and we can't do it without thousands of members standing up to say they want to be part of this. Will you join us?