7 Best Podcasts from the Early Days of Strong Towns

We're taking this Monday off from our usual Week Ahead podcast, but in lieu of that, here are seven fantastic podcasts from the early days of Strong Towns. The audio quality might not be quite as good but the conversations are gold:

  1. Just Another Pedestrian Killed (December 2014) - Chuck Marohn and Strong Towns board member Andrew Burleson sit down to discuss a tragedy in Springfield, Massachusetts, where a mom and two girls were hit by a drunk driver on an urban stroad. Marohn and Burleson discuss the engineering profession's approach to safety, the implications for those outside of an automobile and how our approach needs reform if we are truly build safe, productive places.
  2. Moneyhall (August 2013) - Chuck Marohn discusses the epidemic failure to understand what creates value within our cities. Applying the approach of baseball sabermetrics to our places reveals important truths.
  3. Rick Rybeck on Value Capture (January 2014) - Attorney and job creation, transportation efficiency and economic development expert, Rick Rybeck, joins Chuck Marohn to talk about taxes, fees and creating incentives for a better land use approach.
  4. Designed to Decline (September 2014) - Chuck Marohn talks about how auto-oriented developments are designed to decline, an effect that we can see clearly in places like Ferguson, Missouri.
  5. Economic Gardening with Chris Gibbons (October 2013) - Special guest Chris Gibbons talks about Economic Gardening, the early days of success and failure in Littleton, CO, the nationwide movement today and how to get involved. This is a far reaching conversation that demonstrates why the smart money in local economic development is in Economic Gardening.
  6. Rich vs. Wealthy (September 2013) - Joe Minicozzi and Josh McCarty of Urban3 join Chuck Marohn from Chapel Hill to talk about what makes a financially productive place and the difference between a community getting rich and growing wealthy. 
  7. The Hunger Games (January 2014) - Strong Towns member and contributer Gracen Johnson talks with Chuck Marohn about The Hunger Games series and how the insights apply to Strong Towns thinking.

Happy listening!