Top 5 Stories from the Week (July 9-13, 2018)

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1. Sometimes you need to move.

by Charles Marohn | July 9, 2019

Do what you can to make yours a strong town, but it’s alright if that means finding a place that is a better fit for you.

2. Evolution of the Corner Store

by Davina van Buren | July 10, 2018

Gas stations and dollar stores have taken the place of the corner store in most neighborhoods. Can this ship be turned around?

3. Stop Playing Public Hearing Bingo

by Sarah Kobos | July 11, 2018

Here are a few ideas to make you a more effective—and interesting—public hearing participant.

4. The Power of Gridded Streets

by Vince Graham | July 12, 2018

One man’s quest to find the equation proving the value of gridded streets leads him down some interesting roads.

5. When a Farm Isn’t Really a Farm

by Connor Nielsen | July 9, 2018

Now, the story of a wealthy family who sold their farm and the developer who exploited an agricultural tax subsidy to keep it all together.


As a heads up: Next week, we'll be publishing a lighter load of content — just one article per day — because we'll be on a staff retreat for most of the week. 

(Top photo source: Tomek Baginski)