Top 5 Stories from the Week (Aug 20-Aug 24, 2018)

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1. Strong Towns Featured in New Documentary "Owned"

by Strong Towns Staff | August 22, 2018

Strong Towns is prominently featured in a new documentary about suburbanization and mass homeownership in America. Owned, directed by Giorgio Angelini, explores the human consequences of America's suburban experiment.

2. Winning is the Absence of Losing

by Chuck Marohn | August 20, 2018

The most important thing for a local government is to avoid ruin.

3. The Catch-22 of Retrofitting the Suburbs

by Daniel Herriges | August 17, 2018

Two large development projects currently working their way through the public engagement and approvals process illustrate why suburban retrofit is a really tough proposition to stake our future on.

4. Getting Parking Right in Portland

by Strong Towns Staff | August 20, 2018

Portland, OR is leading the charge in parking reform by pricing its on-street parking at a variable rate that reflects shifting demand, instead of subsidizing it.

5. The More We Grow, the Poorer We Become

by Chuck Marohn | August 22, 2018

Local governments can’t take on more and more promises without generating enough wealth to meet those obligations—not without a reckoning. We need a radical revolution in how we plan, manage, and inhabit our cities, counties, and neighborhoods. We need a Strong Towns approach.