What Does Strong Towns Mean To You? And Who Will You Tell?

It's our Fall Member Drive and we've got a little challenge for you: What does Strong Towns mean to you?

When you joined Strong Towns, you became part of a movement of people ready to challenge our dominant patterns of growth and development. We have thousands of members each with their own personal reasons for being a part of a new vision to make communities stronger, and now we want to hear from you!

This week, we have a little contest for you. To enter, use the hashtag #WhyIJoinedStrongTowns and tell us what your Strong Towns membership means to you. Then tag a friend who you think should become a member, or even just someone who ought to hear about our movement for the first time. On Friday, we will draw a winner to receive their choice of Strong Towns merch, a signed book from Chuck Marohn, or an appearance on the podcast or article stream as a featured member.

Will you share your story of being a Strong Towns member this week?


Here is how you can participate in the challenge:

1. Become a member! That's the biggest way you can help the Strong Towns movement. You must be a member to participate in this contest.

2. Post your testimony. After you've joined, tag a friend on a social media post with the hashtag #WhyIJoinedStrongTowns. The current mode of development affects us all. Tell us your story of why you joined on social media.

3. Invite your friends to become members. When you post, tag one or more friends who should know about our work. Every friend you tag acts as an entry into the contest.

4. Share your photo. As a bonus, share a photo in your post. Double points if it features a Strong Towns t-shirt or logo.

You, our members, are the Strong Towns movement. Help us make it even bigger.