Top 5 Stories from the Week (Jan 21–Jan 25, 2019)

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1. Legalizing More Homes: It Matters How You Do It

by Daniel Herriges | January 23, 2018

We need to solve our housing affordability problems, but not by ignoring context and embracing “orderly but dumb” means.

2. Iowa DOT Helps Educate Citizens on the Value of a Road Diet

by Strong Towns staff | January 23, 2018

The Iowa Department of Transportation helps educate the public with this video explaining why reducing an urban street from 4 to 3 lanes can be a win-win for drivers and pedestrians.

3. Paved With Good Intentions

by Spencer Gardner | January 22, 2018

Doing the math on a routine, uncontroversial street paving project reveals an investment that will never pay for itself, in a city that has thousands of such investments. That we do it anyway reflects the cultural consensus at the root of our towns’ financial problems.

4. Is the Household Garage America's Favorite Room or America's Worst Mistake?

Upzoned Podcast | Kea Wilson and Chuck Marohn | January 11, 2018

Almost every suburban house has one. But is the home garage an American institution or a national disgrace?

5. Denver's Urban Neighborhoods Subsidize Its Suburban Ones

by Logan Meyer | January 24, 2018

Which neighborhoods in Denver are paying their share of the city’s infrastructure costs, and which ones aren’t? A Strong Towns reader did the math.

(Cover photo: Wikimedia Commons)