Top 3 Stories from the Week (Dec 31, 2018–Jan 4, 2019)

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1. The Pass/Fail Nature of Suburban Development

by Charles Marohn | January 2, 2018

When building our cities, we have come to value efficiency over redundancy. Want to see this become a problem? Just wait until it snows.

2. The Twelve Days of Safety Myths

by Don Kostelec | January 2, 2018

Learn to dispel the common myths you hear from transportation agencies with regard to safe streets. The guidance isn’t as sacred as they want you to believe.

3. My City is Not a Through Street

Anonymous | January 3, 2018

How one city made a grave mistake when it let itself be defined as a place people pass through, or one they leave every morning to go somewhere else. And how it could start to undo that mistake. (This essay was a guest submission by a Strong Towns member who requested anonymity due to their professional position.)

(Cover photo by Dewita Soeharjono.)