Top 5 Recent Stories (September 30-October 4)

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1. The “Strong Towns” Book Is Out Today!

by Strong Towns | October 1, 2019

The wait is finally over. The Strong Towns book is out today! Here is information on where to buy, as well as one simple, 30-second thing you can do that could make all the difference.

2. How the Government Segregated America’s Cities by Design

by Daniel Herriges | September 26, 2019

Most Americans have never lived in a time when “the inner city” wasn’t a locus of poverty, physical blight and social disintegration. Yet many of us fail to grasp the extent to which public policy had its thumb on the scale from the start in creating those conditions.

3. The Difference Between Growth and Wealth

by Charles Marohn | October 1, 2019

Endless growth is a luxury we literally can’t afford. Here’s why the path to true prosperity requires local communities to opt out of an economy of greed and bring decision-making back home.

4. Lessons from the Streets of Tokyo

by Andrew Price | October 1, 2019

An urbanist abroad discovers that Tokyo faces many of the same challenges as U.S. cities — off-street parking, pedestrian safety, utilizing space, etc. — but is addressing them in very different ways.

5. The Spooky Wisdom of Cities

by Charles Marohn | September 30, 2019

Ancient cities reveal the extent to which humans have co-evolved with their complex human habitats. As we were making our cities, they were making us. And yet we’ve discarded much of this hard-won wisdom of the past.

Top photo of Tokyo via Yoav Aziz.