Top 5 Stories from the Week (Feb 4–8, 2019)

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1. Atlanta's Super Bowl Streetcar

by Charles Marohn | February 4, 2019

Why build a downtown transit system if you’re just going to close it at peak demand?

2. How Suburban Infrastructure Got More Expensive Over Time

by Jeffrey Jakucyk | February 5, 2019

The suburban development pattern is not inherently too costly to maintain: early suburbs sat much lighter on the land, with narrower streets and less public maintenance obligation. Let’s take a look at how the American suburb has evolved over time.

3. The Hidden Value of a Poor Neighborhood

by Daniel Herriges | February 6, 2019

All over North America, poor neighborhoods often punch above their weight when it comes to contributing real value and resilience to their cities—in both financial productivity and other, less quantifiable strengths.

4. Co-Creating the City You Want to Live In

Go Cultivate! Podcast | Jordan Clark & Ben Orcutt | February 5, 2019

Being a small business owner, especially in a smaller town, can give you an up front look at how local government works… and at what’s not working as well as it should. Here’s an interview with one strong citizen who’s hoping to take what he’s learned to City Hall.

5. Can Cities Like St. Louis Get Financially Stronger by Merging with Richer Places?

Upzoned Podcast | Kea Wilson & Charles Marohn | February 1, 2019

If your city is struggling to pay the bills, could joining forces with the rich county next door be the answer?

(Cover photo: Jeffrey Jakucyk)